We offer a wide range of services to make your life a little easier. With the right knowledge and equipment, we get the work done. With our mobile and efficient equipment we can perform effective underwater work – anywhere. We use latest technology in video, polishing and cleaning, and welding.



Diver with two-way communication and videocamera conveys the image of a ship’s hull to the surface, where a representative from the classification society makes a judgement of its condition.

Hull Cleaning

Marine growth on hull decreases speed, and increases vibrations and fuel consumption. Hydraulic brushing equipment controlled by divers will clean the hull effectively.

Propeller Polishing

The condition of the propeller is critical for performance. It is enough that a bronze propeller becomes tarnished for performance to drop significantly, with a few percent. If marine growth developes, the performance drops radically, along with an increased risk for cavitation damage.

Anode protection replenishment

Anodes at bow propeller, propeller shaft and rudder are consumed faster and need completion. An appropriate anode protection reduces repair costs at overhauls and improves operating economy. Our divers can weld anodes during normal harbour visits, without delaying the ship.


Preventive inspection and maintenance to increase reliability is good operating economy. Inspection of propellers, sea chests etc on ships, cool water inlets for industries and under-water power cables are examples of frequent projects.

Salvage and damages

Salvage operations and inspection of damages are common assignments. Videodocumentation and written reports that describe the damages in detail are of great value to our contractors.

Tailor-made solutions

Contact us at Marine Works for an open discussion on tailormade solutions for your specific needs. Welcome!